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5 Best Rear Tine Tiller Review & Buying Guide

Gardening is a rewarding venture. Besides, it can be an excellent side hustle to boost your annual income. But, most importantly, you can enjoy eating healthy, organic foods right from your backyard. 

However, tilling a medium to large-size garden manually is not a walk in the park. Only the best rear tine tiller can help you perform the job effortlessly, effectively, and efficiently. 

This machine will do an excellent job getting your gardens ready for the planting season. It can lift and break those heavy clumps of soil. The aim is to make the soil favorable for seedlings’ germination and the plants’ blooming. 

What Is A Rear Tine Tiller? 

It would be foolhardy of us to believe that everyone knows what rear tine tillers are. It is even more likely that only a few can tell the difference between them and the front tine tillers. 

We can define these machines are cultivators used for large-scale tilling jobs or for breaking virgin grounds. It features a set of powered wheels in the front and ties in the back. 

Such design makes it makes the mini cultivator more stable and effortless to operate. This is because the wheels pull the tiller along rather than the tines pulling forwards. 

On the other hand, front tine tillers allow for closer tilling against obstacles and in tight spaces. They are so-called because the tines are fitted in front of the wheels. The powering engine is located above the tines, which turn in the forward direction. The wheels are self-propelled. 

Generally, the front tine tillers seem to cost slightly lower than their counterparts of compared power and size. 

Top 5 Best Rear Tine Tillers Review

With the various brands and models currently in the market, finding the best brand and model that will suit your needs can be problematic. 

You do not have to worry, though. We have gone through a great deal of research to find five of the best rear tine tillers. Learn through our in-depth reviews and buying guide how to buy a top-quality product. 

Here are our picks. Hopefully, you will love at least one of them and it ends your trouble. 

1. EARTHQUAKE Victory Rear Tine Tiller

Powerful and well-built, the 33970 Victory rear tine tiller by EARTHQUAKE is one of the best. It delivers compact power, is incredibly maneuverable, and adjustability for different applications, among other great features. Below are highlights of the main features and specifications.

Compact Power

The Victory Rear Tine Tiller gets its power from the 212CC Viper Engine in a compact frame. This engine delivers incredible power that can bust sod in a single move. Due to the compact design, Victory is effortless to handle without reducing performance. 

The tines spin in the opposite direction as the self-propelled wheels. This counter-rotation technology provides a combined effect of opposing forces to attack virgin ground with confidence. 

High Level of Maneuverability 

The compact design and perfectly balanced weight distribution allow the Victory to achieve crazy levels of maneuverability. This feature allows for fluid navigation in tight growing spaces and table pivoting ability at the end of the garden rows. 

Instant Reverse 

One of the things manufacturers of rear tine tillers struggle with is incorporating an instant reverse function. EARTHQUAKE has managed to break this cycle. With Victory, you can back up without requiring shifting. 

You can effortlessly pull the tiller’s reverse lever at the end of a tilling row and in tight spaces and simply walk the unit backward to alter the direction. This will help you save time and find it easier to complete rows.

High-Level of Adjustability 

The Victory tine tiller features right-size adjustability. Thus, you can take advantage of the high level of flexibility to use a single machine to attack new ground and maintain your preexisting plots. 

It features looped handles that provide three height-adjustable settings to ensure you have an ergonomic experience while using the machine. You can till up to ten inches deep and 16 inches wide in a single move. 

Durable Construction 

The Victory Rear Tine Tiller has a bronze gear drive transmission, heavy-duty forged tines, and all-steel construction. All these features point to the durability of the tiller, as seen with the durable construction, a 5-year warranty, and US-based service and support. 

Greatest Features at a Glance 

  • 212cc Viper Engine
  • Counter-rotating tines
  • Instant reverse gear
  • Self-propelled wheels
  • 16-inch tilling width and 10-inch tilling depth

2. YARDMAX YT4565 Dual Rotating Rear Tine Tiller, 208Cc

YARDMAX is a reputable company that has won the hearts of many farmers and gardeners because of the quality of the products they make. The YT4565 Dual Rotating Rear Tine Tiller is one such product. It is technologically sound, compact in design, and powerful to tackle complex grounds.

High Power Engine

This YARDMAX tiller is powered by a 208cc engine manufactured by the famous and reputable Briggs & Stratton. The engine is capable of delivering 9.50ft-lbs gross torque and 190 revolutions per minute rotational speed. 

Furthermore, durable, heavy-duty transmission (also YARDMAX) with a self-propelled drive system delivers a single forward and reverse gear for better control.

Dural Rotating Tine Tiller

This tiller features a true-dual tilling mechanism. Because of this, it delivers unmatched groundbreaking and ground preparation in all soil types. The dual feature includes forward rotation for cultivation as well as a counter-rotation for tilling deep.   

The dual rotation means you will cover broader ground without compromising the efficiency of tilling. For example, an 18-inch wide rear tine design with seven adjustments and 6.5 inches of working depth allows you to till more ground in a short time. In addition, 13-inch self-sharpening tines are easily cut through virgin soil.

Easy To Use with Improved Handling

One-hand operation lets you stand and steer from either side of the tiller. This means it allows for ambidextrous use. In other words, it is suited for both left-handed and right-handed operators.

There is also an easy-to-adjust drag bar to deliver optimal support and balance in all soil conditions. Furthermore, the front counterweight and 13-inch pneumatic wheels with AG treaded tires provide additional balance and stability.

Safety Shields

Have you heard before of gardeners getting severe injuries from tine tillers? The tines of these tillers are often very sharp and can cause lethal damage if safety measures are not taken.

Luckily, you need to care about any of that with the YARDMAX YT4565 Dual Rotating Rear Tine Tiller. It features an adjustable side shield and serrated rear shield to enhance your safety and improve your performance.

Greatest Features at a Glance 

  • Powerful 802cc Briggs & Stratton Engine
  • Dual rotating rear tine tiller
  • Seven depth adjustments
  • 13-inch self-sharpening tines
  • Ambidextrous single-hand operation
  • Safety side and back shields

3. EARTHQUAKE 37037 Pioneer Dual-Direction Rear Tine Tiller

Another great option of the best rear tine tiller that can help effectively with your gardening needs is the 37037 Pioneer Dual-Direction Rear Tine Tiller by EARTHQUAKE. It boasts of several performance-oriented features, including the ones described below.

Dual Direction

As with other excellent quality rear tine tillers, the Pioneers operate on the principle of counter-rotation (referred to as CRT mode or counter-rotating tines mode). The dual direction operation effortlessly busts sod and cuts tough virgin soul, and it shifts to standard rotating tines (SRT) to create a nice smooth seedbed ready to accept seeds.

Frustration-Free Shifting

Pioneer eliminates the frustration associated with free shifting. Thus it discourages the guesswork and allows you to get into a shift positioning system that the majority of the other dual-direction tillers envy.

You longer have to worry. There is no cuss, no fuss, and go back and forth trying to the appropriate drive mode for the job. Simply slide the shift lever into your desired model on the locator plate, and you will be good to go.

Compact Power

Performance is a significant determinant of the performance of a tine tiller, whether rear or front. The Pioneer is designed for performance. It uses a quieter and lighter 99cc Viper engine which is right-sized for the job.

The compact engine reduces the weight of the tiller and offers a smoother, less noisy, yet more balanced experience during the tilling process.

Instant Reverse

One thing that EARTHQUAKE has succeeded in is incorporating an instant reverse functionality into the Pioneer. This is one point where the brand has beaten its competitors.

The technology allows you to maneuver backward in your garden with the first and easy pull of a handle effortlessly. Then, when you no longer need to reverse, simply release the handle, and the tiller will move forward again.

Airless Wheels 

This is ostensibly the unique aspect of the Pioneer Dual-direction rear tine tiller. It features super-wide airless wheels that never go flat. In addition, the airless wheels have incredibly aggressive lugs that allow them to claw at the dirt for optimal traction.

Greatest Features at a Glance 

  • 99cc 4-Cycle Viper Engine
  • Dual direction self-sharpening tines
  • Self-propelled airless wheels
  • Wide 17-inch tilling width
  • Instant reverse gear

4. Champion Power Equipment 19-Inch Dual Rotating Rear Tine Tiller

If you have not already found the best rear tine tiller for your gardening needs, then you can see this dual rotating model by Champion Power Equipment attractive. It has several features that give it state-of-the-art performance.  


Armed with an unbelievable 19″ tilling width and an 8″ tilling depth, this tine tiller features dual-rotation tilling. This allows for quick and effortless change from forwarding drive to reverse drive. The result is the ability to cover more ground in a short time and more flexibility in the garden.

Durable and Powerful 

Any tiller must be sturdy enough to withstand the abuse meted by different soil types and terrains. That’s why it must be constructed of solid and impact-resistant materials. This model by Champion Power Equipment does not disappoint.

It features the cast iron, gear-driven transmission, which is housed in a heavy-duty cast-iron case. So even the thickest sod and the flying stones cannot dent the transmission. The housing can also take a lot of beating but maintain its integrity. It gets its power from a 212cc gas engine.


Apart from the powerful engine and the rugged, rigid housing, the tiller boasts equally robust tines. It features four heavy-duty 13.8″ hardened Steel tines with dual-rotation tilling capability. They are designed to tackle even the most challenging soil conditions with minimal effort.

Furthermore, it features 13″ self-propelled agricultural tires that power effortlessly over uneven terrain. This allows you to accomplish much in less time.

Greatest Features at a Glance 

  • Powered by a 212cc gas engine
  • Heavy-duty iron case
  • Four heavy-duty 13.8″ hardened steel tines
  • Dual rotating tine tiller
  • Low oil shut-off sensor

5. Southland SRTT212 18 in. Rear Tine Rotary Tiller

Southland is a reputable company, and so you can always trust their products. The SRTT212 18 in. Rear Tine Rotary Tiller is operating evidence of that quality. It is compact, powerful, easy to use, and equipped with many other features that make it an efficient tiller for medium to largescale cultivation. 

Powerful Engine 

This tiller is equipped with a powerful 4-cycle, 212c OHV engine that provides the torque necessary to tackle any soil type, including those that have compacted over several decades of use. The engine powers a gear-drive system that in turn provides maximum fuel as well as performance efficiency.

Such a system allows the tiller to run on minimal power input compared to manual operation. This gasoline-powered engine lets you till large tracks of land. Although powerful, it is still effortless to handle and operate.

Counter-Rotating Tines 

Counter rotation is an essential feature in tine tillers because it allows for better soil tilling and is ready to receive seeds. The Southland SRTT212 Rear Tine Tiller features 11-inch counter-rotating tines that dig deep into the ground to remove weeds, sod, and upturn fresh soil.

The deep tilling and huge 18-inch tilling width ensure nothing is left unturned and that a large amount of space is done in a single pass. It will surprise you how quickly you’ll get the job done if you order this in readiness for the planting season.

Easy Maneuverability 

One feature you need to look out for before settling on the rear tine tiller to purchase is maneuverability. This tine tiller from Southland is equipped with large 13-inch heavy-duty agricultural pneumatic tires that stabilize it over rough and uneven terrain.

The design allows you to maneuver the 133.8-pound tiller in tight spaces easily and even make sharp corners. Thus it will come in handy if you are working on your garden, including groundbreaking projects.

Easy Handling and Storage 

The unit features folding grip handles that make it storage hassle-free when the day’s work is over. In addition, it features a front bull bar to give you an easy time lifting the tiller onto your truck or tractor for transportation.

Greatest Features at a Glance 

  • 4-Cycle, 212 cc OHV engine
  • 18 tilling width, self-sharpening steel tines 
  • 13 inches Heavy duty pneumatic tires
  • Travel forward and in reverse for excellent maneuverability 
  • Manual recoil effortless start fuel delivery system

Buying Guide to Enable You to Choose the Best Tine Tiller 

Every planting season presents an opportunity for a gardener to prepare their garden to grow their favorite plants. It is impossible to take advantage of such an opportunity if you have not equipped yourself with the right gardening tools and equipment.

Unless you plan to cultivate by hand, you will need the best tine tiller to help you complete the job fast and efficiently. This buying guide will discuss the most crucial factors you need to consider to make an informed choice.

Factors to Consider

The rear tine tiller comes with various features and specifications. These features determine the quality and performance of the tiller. Only those that feature combinations of the best features are truly great.

Against this backdrop, the following are the most important features to consider.

Type of Tines

The rear tine tiller can feature any of three types of tines. These include standard rotating tines, counter-rotating tunes, and dual rotating tines. Each of these tines operates differently, and these are suitable for specific applications.

  • Standard-Rotating Tines: These are the most basic type of tines. You will find them in the low-to-middle models. They rotate in the same direction as the wheels. For this reason, they have also termed forward rotating tines. Standard rotating tines cannot achieve deep cuts, with the best cutting depth being about 5 inches. Nonetheless, they work great for leaf coverage.
  • Counter-Rotating Tines: As you can appreciate from the name, these tines rotate in the opposite direction to the wheels. For this reason, they create decent power that allows them to achieve greater tilling depths. This also makes them ideal for breaking virgin grounds. Choose this type of tiller if your soil is hard clay or has lots of sod.
  • Dual-Rotating Tines: These are the most advanced, state-of-the-art, and best-performing of all types. They give you the flexibility to choose the direction you want them to take or rotate. This makes them practical for literally all tilling needs. However, you will have to dig a little deeper into your pocket to get them.

Quality of Transmission

The transmission of an engine-powered rear tine tiller is the most critical determinant of its versatility. Some tillers only proceed in a single direction.

This becomes a problem if you want to re-till a portion of the garden for whatever reason. You will be forced to invent some maneuver to allow you to return to that section.

A few models allow for two-way transmission – that’s in both forward and backward directions. Thus if you reach the end of the garden, all it will take is to engage the reverse gear, and you will be good to go. To redo a section will also be accessible.

Furthermore, the two-way transmission makes it easy for you to turn the machine, especially in tight curves. Thus it provides excellent maneuverability and helps to get the job done pretty quickly.

The Tire Type And Size

All tine tillers rely on tires for maneuverability and stability. Therefore, it is paramount it is of high quality in terms of durability and design. Large tires will make the tiller easier to move along rough, rocky grounds. However, this feature may not mean much if your land is flat and free of rocks or stones.

Nevertheless, you cannot compromise on durability regardless of whether your land is flat or uneven. Poor-quality tires may get damaged in the middle of work, requiring you to stop and replace them. I guess you don’t want this to happen. So it will be rewarding to go for a tiller with high-quality tires.

Tire quality is paramount if you intend to buy a counter-rotating tine tiller. This is because the tines pull the machine in the backward direction. It means the tires must be robust enough to steer the tiller in the right direction.

It also means the tires must have enough traction to prevent slipping and sliding. In this regard, agricultural wheels are preferable.

The Tilling Width And Depth

It is a requirement for all tine tillers to have their tilling depths and widths labeled on them. These dimensions are critical to the performance of any tiller.

Tilling depth describes how deep the tines can penetrate the soil. For instance, a tine tiller with a 7-inch depth can go only seven inches deep. How deep you till depends on what you intend to plant, your soil type, and your location.

Tine tillers that can go deeper feature adjustable depths to choose the appropriate depth for what you intend to plant.

On the other hand, tilling width describes the size of an area of tillers in a single move. Thus larger width means you will cover a much wider with each mover allowing you to complete the task much more quicker.  

However, a very wide tiller means a bulkier and heavier machine. Also, the prices can skyrocket, making such tillers inappropriate for novel and small-scale gardeners. You need to consider how much space you have in your garage before ordering.

The Engine Type And Capacity

The engine is a critical component of tine tillers. It is what powers both the wheels and the tires. However, the machine only needs sufficient power to avoid being bogged down by soil and other obstacles that can give it a load.

Nevertheless, you need to care about the engine’s capacity and consumption. Fuel efficiency will help you cut down on utility bills. In addition, tillers are usually equipped with engines that match their tilling depths and widths.

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Final Thought 

The best rear tine tiller is a critical component of any serious gardening operation. Not only does it make the work more accessible, but it also prepares the soil well for maximum germination and plant growth. However, without adequate knowledge, it might be challenging to find a model that fits your needs.

Luckily, you now possess all the information you need to venture out and make your choice. Consider the features we have discussed and base your decision on a tine tiller that combines the best of those features. First, however, you must also consider your budget.

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