6 Best 3-Point Quick Hitch

Do you know what improves your efficiency and productivity in the farming experience? The answer is a 3 point quick hitch. How? Well, the best 3-point quick hitch can help you save time by using rear attachments on your tractors.

Whether moving around your tractor for land maintenance or gardening, a 3-point quick hitch is an important attachment for your tractor.

A quick hitch allows farmers to adjust rear attachments easily. You can mount any kind of plowing, crop sprayer, or harvesting machine on your tractor easily and quickly using a 3 point quick hitch.

As 3 point is the most effective quick hitch for the farmers, let’s look at some of the top options available so that you can get the preferred one.

Benefits and Drawbacks of 3 Point Quick Hitch

A 3 point quick hitch will give you the experience of both good and bad. But, most of the time, the drawbacks are outweighed by its benefits.

Let’s look at the benefits and drawbacks of the 3 point quick hitches.


First, look at the advantages of a 3 point quick hitch –

  • Easy to Mount Rare Attachment

You can easily attach any kind of rare attachment, such as a crop sprayer or plowing machine, with your tractor using 3 point quick hitches. It takes only a few minutes to fit your tractors properly.

  • Saves Time and Energy

You may find it laborious when you need to lift and lower your implements manually. Using a 3 point quick hitch, you can adjust the implement without leaving your seats.

  • Transfer Weights

What do we want the most from our tractor for optimization? More power with less fuel consumption. 3 point quick hitches give us this advantage by transferring weight and resistance to the tractor’s drive wheels.


Nothing comes without any drawbacks. Same for 3 point quick hitches. But surprisingly, it doesn’t have many drawbacks except –

  • Compatibility

There are different types of categories in tractor and quick hitch. A single quick hitch is not compatible with all types of categories. If you switch to a different category tractor, you need to change the full setup.

6 Best 3 Point Quick Hitch

To improve the efficacy of your farming experience, you may look for the best 3 point hitch. Here are some top-notch 3 point quick hitch you can opt for:

1. Hikotor Heavy Duty 3 Point 2 Inch Receiver Drawbar Hitch

Are you looking for a lightweight 3 point quick hitch? Hikotor heavy duty 3 point hitch will serve this purpose. You may feel surprised as this lightweight, quick hitch can weigh more than a 1900 lbs trailer with a small tractor.

By hearing lightweight, are you thinking about its construction? The hitch is lightweight, but it’s made from stainless steel. This made the hitch durable and provided extra strength. The fully black powder coating saves your tractor hitch from rust and corroding.

You want a hitch that is really quick to install and use, right? The tractor tow bar implement will help you quickly assemble and disassemble the rear attachment.

Also, you can directly bolt on the rear attachment with a tractor. So, you can efficiently complete workaround farmlands or gardens with less time and effort.

The correct height of the exact hitch (bottom pin to top pin) is 19″. You can’t use this quick hitch on John Deere IMatch. But the 3 point trailer hitch has a 2″ standard receiver. The hitch is compatible with several category 1 tractors, which is pretty good.


  • Bears durable full black powder coat finish
  • Made of stainless steel materials
  • Hook up with a standard 2-inch receiver
  • Packaged in a time-saving and easy-to-use nature


  • Toplink mounting pins height isn’t matched with all tractors

This 3 Point, 2 Inch Receiver is suitable for getting long service. Its construction also made it suitable to carry heavy loads. However, it’s not compatible with a wide range of tractors.

2.  Titan Attachments Category 2 Quick Hitch

If you are manhandling heavy implements into your 3 point hitch, you already know how pathetic it’s to handle!

You may already know a category 2 hitch allows you to switch the implements swiftly. As a result, you can easily connect the 3 point hitch to your tractor.

You can directly attach the tractor’s 3 point hitch without any hassle of bolting or welding. Well, you just need to hook the adapter into the adjustable top link hook (not included with the product) and connect it with lower lift mounting pins. That’s it. Your modified quick hitch is now ready to use.

The easy-to-build feature doesn’t compromise the construction quality. 4 x 4-inch tubular steel makes this hitch durable. You can lift up to 4000 lbs with this category 2 hitch.

Though this hitch can get both category 1 and 2 implements, it’s best suited to receive category 2 tools.


  • Adapt Category 2 pretty easily
  • The attachment is simple and quick as it needs no modification
  • Lightweight design increases lifting capacity
  • Perfect for heavy-duty work


  • Not suitable for category 1 implements

This hitch will remove your frustration by providing you a chance to switch between implements and three point hitch easily. You can use it to do heavy-duty work with only category 2 tools.

3.    MAXXHAUL Standard 3-Point Hitch Adapter

Well, MAXXHAUL Standard 3-Point Hitch Adapter is made from a heavy-duty all-steel welded frame. The heavy-duty welded frame provides you with ideal support when moving around trailers, tractors, and other carriers.

Durable powder coat protector finish extends the service year of this 3 point hitch adapter by resisting rust.

This hitch adapter is designed to hook up with smaller, compact, and medium-size tractors safely and easily. You can move around 2″ towing accessories with a 2″ hitch receiver.

Will you like an unstable hitch? Absolutely not! This quick hitch knows your dislikes. That’s why the Triangular shape frame and unique bottom pin design of it will ensure maximum stability.

If you’re using an old model tractor, then you’ll find out that the 3 point attachment point is narrower. But, this won’t be a problem if you plan to use this quick adapter for the new model tractors.


  • It exists in a sturdy triangular design that vouches for stability
  • Made of heavy-duty steel construction material
  • Compatible with all the category 1 tractors
  • Retains its efficacy for a longer length of time
  • Ensures easy attachment


  • Not suitable for large and old model tractors

The triangular shape frame and steel construction confirm the durability and stability of this hitch. But, if your tractor is a large and old model, then this 3 point adapter may not serve your purposes.

4.   Kolpin Heavy-Duty 3-Point Hitch System

If you need to do heavy lifting or land maintenance tasks, the Kolpin heavy-duty 3 point hitch system is for you. The 12v actuator automotive style provides an incredible 300 lbs of downforce and 250 lbs lift capacity at the toolbar.

When you are plowing the soil, sometimes the hitch gets stuck. You don’t need to get off your machine in these situations as there is a convenient rocker switch on the handlebars that will adjust the soil depth and lift the transport.

This category 0 hitch system is used on ATVs and UTVs, and fits any automotive style 2″ receiver hitch. This 2″ receiver hitch is easy to change from work to play in just minutes with quick, easy installation and adjustments without any need for tools.

If you continuously plan to do vigorous work, you may face some trouble with its loose fittings. Metal may bend and strip in this case. An additional frame support kit is required, which you need to buy separately.


  • Easy to operate and easy to hook up with most implements
  • Automotive styles provide incredible downforce and lifting capacity
  • Rocker switch helps to adjust and lift transport automatically
  • Endures high amounts of weight and power


  • Not suitable for doing vigorous work continuously

This hitch system will provide most of your manual work as it comes with automotive receiver features and a rocker switch. It’s easy to operate but not suitable for doing mercurial tasks continuously.

5.   Titan Attachments HD 2-in Receiver Trailer Hitch

If you’re looking for a beast in heavy-duty work, then titan attachments HD-2 inch is for you. Its robust design is constructed with alloy steel, and a powder coating is provided as a finish type. You can expect heavy-duty work support and year-long service from this hitch system.

You can use this 2″ receiver on a variety of 2″ hitches. The attachment also acts as a stabilizer and is perfect for moving around tractors, trailers, and other cargo carriers.

Well, you might be looking for some uniqueness, right? This model has unique bottom pin adjustments that perfectly fit the 2.25″ receiver trailer hitch drawbar adapter. You can easily use this specifically designed hitch with smaller and larger model tractors.

The hitch is built well, but there is no snug fit/bushing feature in this system. So, you may find it difficult to switch ON/OFF the hitch quickly from hooking points. To get rid of loose fit, you can tighten up the fittings through extra fabrication.


  • Great for extremely tough applications
  • It comes with powder coating for rust and corrosion resistance
  • Hooks up to many different three-point implements and equipment
  • Made of very strong and durable materials


  • Hard to fit due to no snug fit feature

You can choose this model to do heavy-duty work rigorously. This attachment can be used in both small and large model tractors. But, if you’re looking for a quick fit, then this one will frustrate you initially.

6.    3-Point Quick Hitch, Category 2 (CAT 2)

This 3-Point Quick Hitch, Category 2, is made from steel constructions and meets ASAE specs. You can use this quick hitch for up to 3500 lbs capacity lifting.

An implement switch is attached with this quick hitch. So, you can attach and switch your implements on and off quickly. You don’t need to get off from the tractor seat during the drop-off and pick-up operations.

There is a 32.5″ clearance between lower hooks. You can fit this hitch with all types of category 2 tractors.

The gauge steel is heavier and has more reinforcement than the regular CAT 2 quick hitch so you can expect better durability from this model.


  • Allows for painless and faster switching
  • Compatible with all the category 2 tractors
  • It comes with one set of 2 bushings
  • Works seamlessly with tractor seats up to 150 horsepower


  • It consumes a huge amount of fuel to operationalize fully

You can choose this attachment to experience faster switching without getting off your seat. Though it consumes heavy-duty fuel, it works smoothly up to 150 horsepower.

Things to Consider Before Buying

Careful consideration is needed before you make an investment. Choosing a good quality quick hitch isn’t an easy task. You need to consider the following things diligently before buying a 3 point quick hitch. Let’s have a look at them –

Tractor Category

There are various hitch categories, and one category isn’t fitted with the other category tractors. So, before buying the quick hitch, you need to check the correct measurements and overall dimensions of your tractor and find out which category fits your carriers.

Different tractors have different horsepower. Horsepower also defines the trailer hitch category that you need to buy.

The lesser the horsepower, the smaller the category size. If you’re running a tractor with a horsepower of more than 40, then you need to choose a category 2 or up hitch.

Types of Implements

Different manufacturers have different shapes, approaches, and application techniques. You need to choose the proper implement before buying a quick hitch.

It’s essential because if you have a category 3 hitch and category 2 tractor, the lever locking pins and ball won’t fit perfectly.


Buying a 3 point quick hitch is a big investment. So before buying, make sure that you’re buying a durable product that is wear resistant and free from corrosion.

Most of the 3 point quick hitches are made from heavy-duty steel construction and finished with a powder coating on the top.

It protects the hitch from rust, and you need to check this out carefully as the hitch is attached to tractors, and you spend a lot of time outside under heavy rains and scorching heat.

Ease of Installation

You are buying a hitch to save your time and energy. So, you need to check if the hitch is easy to install or not.

Most of the hitch comes with little or no tools to simply attach to the tractor. It’s better to choose a hitch that can be installed without any modification.


A lightweight hitch is better to use. You don’t need to give extra effort to haul your plows from one area to another. A lightweight adapter also mitigates the hassle of using extended horsepower to maintain the land.

Ease of Use

Some quick hitch comes with an automotive receiver and switches on the hand boards. These features will increase your experience of using the hitch easily.

If your 3 point quick hitch is adapted with this feature, you can lift and down the machine without leaving your driving seat from the tractor.

Types of 3 Point Quick Hitch

The quick hitch category will tell you which implements are the best suited for specific tractors. The quick hitch category ranges from category 0 to category 4. Higher-category hitches required larger tractors, and implements got bigger and heavier.

Let’s see the different standard-size hitch categories.

Category 0

Category 0 quick hitches are used for light-duty applications. It’s found in lawnmowers and garden-category tractors.

The features of category 0 hitch are –

  • Tractor Power: Upto 20 HP
  • Top Link Pin Diameter: 16 mm
  • Lift Arm Pin Diameter: 16 mm

Category 1

Category 1 tractors can easily perform slightly strenuous tasks. It’s mostly found in subcompact and compact tractors.

The features of category 1 hitch are –

  • Tractor Power: 20 – 45 HP
  • Top Link Pin Diameter: 19 mm
  • Lift Arm Pin Diameter: 22 mm

Category 2

Category 2 is used on the carrier, which is used to perform slightly treacherous tasks like road works or final constructions.

The features of category 2 hitch are –

  • Tractor Power: 40 – 100 HP
  • Top Link Pin Diameter: 25 mm
  • Lift Arms Pin Diameter: 29 mm

Category 3

If you want to use your carrier for homesteading work yourself, you can use the category 3 quick hitch. This will keep your ambiance extremely tidy.

The features of category 3 hitch are –

  • Tractor Power: 80 – 225 HP
  • Top Link Pin Diameter: 32 mm
  • Lift Arms Pin Diameter: 37 mm

Category 4

Category 4 is the best suited for heavy-duty operations. They are widely used in commercial and industrial applications.

The features of category 4 hitch are –

  • Tractor Power: More than 180 HP
  • Top Link Pin’s Diameter: 44 mm
  • Lift Arm Pin Diameter: 51 mm

Frequently Asked Questions

1.     What does a 3 point quick hitch do?

A 3 point quick hitch is used to mount the rear attachments with your tractors, trailers, or movers. You can easily attach any spray machine or harvesting equipment with the help of 3 point quick hitches with your tractor to enhance your farming experience.

2.     What is the difference between cat 1 and cat 2 quick hitches?

Category 1 quick hitch is mainly performing slightly strenuous tasks. It’s mostly found in subcompact and compact tractors. It’s used on those tractors whose torque output varies up to 20 HP.

Whereas, Category 2 quick hitch is used for doing slightly heavier tasks like road works or final constructions. This is used on the tractors whose output varies from 40-100 HP.

3.     Does a 3-point hitch float?

Implements always apply a downward force to the quick hitch. Due to this, the 3 point hitch always floats.

4.     How much can a 3 point hitch lift?

A 3 point hitch can lift around 1356 pounds. So, you can easily use it in heavy-duty work to get a better output.

5.     Which one is better: quick hitches or drawbar hitches?

Quick hitches are better than drawbar hitches because –

  • A quick hitch doesn’t require any tools to adjust the fitting. But, a drawbar hitch requires a wrench and other tools to install.
  • Drawbar hitches always consume more space than quick hitches in the vehicle.

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Final Words

A 3-point hitch is a necessary equipment to have in your shed. They’re easy to use and save a lot of your time and energy by transferring the weight of the heavier implements from your tractors.

So, it’s essential to find the best 3 point quick hitch for you. Remember to choose one that’s durable, easy to install and operate, and compatible with your tractor and implements.

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