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Best Box Blade for Tractor Review & Buying Guide

Tractors are some of the most versatile machines ever invented. However, you can increase the versatility even more by adding the proper attachment. The best box blade stands out among all the implements and for good reasons.

The tool can help you do a lot, especially if you are a gardener or a farmer. Among many tasks you can do with a box blade include garden preparation, landscaping, leveling, backfilling, and spreading mulch, among others.

However, you need the best box blade for a tractor to enjoy such high levels of versatility. The front runners combine three different attachments to boost the number of tasks even further. Those accessories include:

  • Hopper box can help you place fertilizer, plant seeds, and do more
  • Forward and backward scraper blade which helps with soil preparation
  • Scarifier bar will help with severe ripping, loosening, reshaping, or renovating the soil

Choosing the best box blade is not an easy task, especially if you are new to this gardening equipment. The problem is that you may lack the information to help you make an excellent choice.

We aim in this article to equip you with adequate information on these vital accessories to enable you to choose one that will suit your needs. We will do it in two-three parts.

First, we will provide you with reviews of the top 5 models that satisfy our criteria for selection. Secondly, we shall provide you with an in-depth buying guide to further educate you on factors to consider in choosing the best box blade.

Lastly, we will answer a few of the most frequently asked questions concerning these attachments. So, stay with us till the end to find out more.

Top 5 Best Box Blades

1. Titan 4′ – 7′ Box Blade Tractor Attachment

Titan offers you an all-around attachment that will enable you to accomplish numerous tasks around your garden or backyard. The many functions you can perform with this fantastic box blade include gardening, landscaping, yard work, backfilling, leveling, and grading, among others.

It features massive 4″ x4″ square tubing shank support that runs 60 inches between its 6.25mm side panels. The panels are almost a quarter-inch thick.

Furthermore, it features dual 12mm steel braces that run from a 17-inch deep roll-formed moldboard to the hitch. This will keep your scraper perfectly squared under tension. Finally, to further boost the strength and stability of the equipment, it features gussets between the hitch and shank support tube.

The attachment is armed with two replaceable and replaceable curved teeth. Such cutting edges are made of stainless steel with one set in front and back. The front teeth are suitable for general use, and the one situated at the back is ideal for backfilling.

Additionally, it comes with five scarifier teeth, each measuring 18.25 inches high and one inch wide. Finally, it has four pins for easy adjustability. Titan recommends you buy a box blade that is slightly wider than the outer width of your track tires in terms of fitment. On offer are edges measuring 4, 5, 6 or 7 so you can choose e according to your needs.

Many users a got the chance to use this implement speak fondly of its quality, versatility, and exceptional performance. It can handle all manner of soils and terrains and deliver the best results for any application it was intended for.

Highlighted Features

  • 5 inches wide and weighs 350 pound
  • 12mm dual steel braces and thick 6.25mm side panels
  • Heavy-duty steel construction
  • The package includes cutting edges and teeth
  • 4″ x4″ square tubing shank support
  • Quick hitch compatible, pin-style 3-point hitch and 5-scarifier teeth

2. MotoAlliance Impact Implements CAT-0 Box Scraper

The second model in our selection is the impact implements CAT-0 box scraper by the MotoAlliance. It is an ideal machine for a variety of tasks involving the lawn and the garden. Farmers, landscapers, and homeowners will find this unit incredibly useful. 

MotoAlliance made this attachment specifically for grading, land leveling, landscaping, backfilling, and more. It is height adjustable with heavy-duty shanks featuring replaceable steel cutting edges capable of breaking up hard compacted ground. 

This box blade may not be one of the toughest based on construction material, but it is still robust enough to serve you for a long time. In other words, you will get a return for investment before you replace it. 

Due to its quality, the unit is suitable for lightweight jobs since it lacks the robustness of state-of-the-art models. However, this does not mean it will not accomplish most of the regular tasks backyard gardeners usually perform. 

The implement features six cutting ripper tines that are easily replaceable and also height adjustable. The design also consists of a ten gauge steel main-frame tube and formed back blade. According to MotoAlliance, the unit weighs 130 pounds which is not the heaviest. 

Highlighted features 

  • Six replaceable and height-adjustable cutting (ripper) edges 
  • Five inches of adjustability of the cutting tines
  • Integrated three-point CAT-0 quick-mount, therefore, requires a CAT-0 hitch and 3-point hitch 
  • Replaceable and reversible blade wear bar 
  • Assembly is necessary, so you need some mechanical skills 

3. BRINLY BS-381 BS-38 BH Sleeve Hitch Tow-Behind Black Box Scraper

BRINLY offers gardening enthusiasts a high-quality box scraper at an affordable price. The unit is compact and durable meaning thanks to its heavy center-mounted C-frame and carbon steel construction.

Such construction material guarantees use year after year without appreciable wear and tear. The toughness also makes it the most preferred tool for gardening, land preparation, landscaping, and additional yard projects. Its 38-inch working width effortlessly maneuvers through corners and tight spaces.

This best box scraper features a two-in-one design. This means you can effortlessly remove the side plates and scarifier bar from the box scraper to make a rear blade. The resultant structure is ideal for backfilling, grading, or moving materials like snow, dirt, and gravel.

The BS-381 BS-38 BH Sleeve Hitch Tow-Behind Black Box Scraper is designed to hold the extra weight. This happens through a built-in weight tray that lets you add more weight for more challenging and robust grading and leveling projects.

There is also the aspect of versatility of angle adjustments. For example, the scraper/blade angle is designed to lock in 30 degrees in either direction, providing the choice to push the material instead of pulling it.

It effortlessly hooks up to any sleeve hitch. Although not included, the sleeve hitch can be bought through your tractor manufacturer. BRINLY-Hardy Company has been in service since 1836 and has focused on providing quality, robust, durable, and innovative garden and lawn products built in the USA.

Highlighted features

  • Heavy-duty center-mounted c-frame and carbon steel construction
  • Two-in-one design featuring side plates and scarifier
  • Built-in tray for holding extra weight
  • 30-degree angle blade adjustment in either direction
  • Hooks up in any sleeve hitch (not included)

4. Agri-Fab 45-0265 Ground-Engaging Attachment Sleeve Hitch Scraper Box

The Agri-Fab, Sleeve Hitch Box Scraper is perfectly designed to offer you a professional landscaping look that you have always craved. You can use these best scraper boxes to level, backfill, and finish-grade any location ranging from driveways to lawns to flower beads and so on. 

Agri-Fab Sleeve Hitch Scraper Box features a 42-inch working width that rapidly covers most tracks and driveways, saving you time. In addition, its five 3/16-inch steel blades are designed with hard-wearing strength, are hardworking, and can penetrate even the most rigid surfaces with every use. 

This tractor attachment features a square tubing on the tray that enables you to use the additional weight necessary to complete the toughest of gardening tasks. Furthermore, the scraper can be adjusted up to 30 degrees to meet your lawn care needs. 

The Agri-Fab Sleeve Hitch Scraper Box requires a sleeve hitch for operation, but the component is not included. The attachment will last you for a lifetime with proper use and care. All Agri-Fab products come with a three-year limited.

During spring, you can use the box scraper to sweep up lawn debris to prevent mold development. Furthermore, you can apply fertilizer, herbicide, and de-thatch to encourage new growth and open lawn surface. 

In summer, the implement allows you to haul mulch and distribute it as needed around the landscaping and let you scrap grass clippings regularly. Then, when the fall comes, you can apply herbicide and fertilizer, aerate to open up compacted soil. 

As winter comes, use the box scraper to remove fallen branches and leaves and supply ice melt as necessary. Also, you can perform maintenance on the equipment according to the owner’s manual. 

Highlighted Features 

  • 42-inch working width for rapid coverage of most driveways and tracks 
  • 3/16-inch steel blade for hardworking, hard-wearing strength.
  • 30-degree angle adjustment for versatility 
  • It comes with a 3-year limited consumer warranty 

5. 5 FT CAT-1 Box Scraper by Rancher Supply 

Our fifth pick of the best box blade is this model from Rancher. It has several features and specifications that make it one of the most preferred attachments by gardeners, farmers, and landscapers, among others. There are many reasons for this.

The first reason is a versatile design. The 5FT Box Blade Scraper comes out as an essential tool for anyone with a tractor. It can handle a variety of gardening, leveling, backfilling, landscaping, gardening, and farming tasks. It can rapidly move dirt, spread soil, backfill holes, level, and grade your land.

The second reason is its durable steel construction. Rancher’s Cat-1 box scraper features a quarter-inch steel construction that can handle even the most demanding garden jobs. This 3-point quick-hitch attachment is ideal for tractors capable of generating horsepower up to 40 and is compatible with most Category 1 tractors.

The third reason for the greatness of this attachment is the adjustable scarifier height. This tractor implement consists of hardened steel tips to ensure that the scarifier shanks effortlessly penetrate hard compacted soil. The Scarifier heights are readily adaptable to loosen the dirt or allow you to smooth out the earth by raising or getting them off the way.

This tractor hitch attachment consists of two reversible cutting edges, changeable scarifier heights, and replaceable shanks, although the replacements aren’t included.

According to our findings, all Rancher Supply’s tractor attachments are engineered with utmost care and built with quality materials by skilled engineers. Correct assembly, high-level maintenance, and sound operating practices will help you get years of decent service from this implement.

Highlighted Features 

  • ¼-inch steel construction
  • Versatile design with decent performance 
  • Adjustable scarifier height with hardened steel tips 
  • Two reversible cutting edges
  • Replaceable shanks 

How to Choose the Best Box Blade 

You cannot just walk into a hardware or automotive shop and buy the first box blade you set your eyes upon. Instead, there are a few factors to consider to find the best box scraper, box blade, or whatever tractor attachment that will suit your needs.

That said, we have put together a list of the most important things that should shape your decision. In the end, you will spend only a little time searching and still get an ideal implement for your garden and lawn tasks.

What Do You Need A Box Blade For?

Before anything, you should ask yourself what you need the attachment for. The task you intend to perform determines a lot. For example, the implementation you need landscaping may not be the same as your garden preparation.

Luckily, many brands try to make tractor attachments that are versatile enough to help you perform many different tasks. For instance, most of the ones we have reviewed here can be used for garden preparation, leveling backfilling, grading, and many more.

What Is The Right Size Of Box Blade Is Suitable? 

From our research, most people find a standard 3-point box blade that connects to the trailer with the 3-point hitch sufficient. It is a powerful, unpowered attachment that can help you with tasks such as digging, grading, backfilling, and more.

When it comes to size, it should depend on your unique needs and the outer dimensions of your rear tires. Typically, you will require at least 100 pounds of box blade width for each dozen inches of rear tire width.

The Build Quality 

This tool is frequently subjected to a lot of insults based on the kind of work it does. So naturally, such tough jobs require a device that’s robust enough to withstand the abuse.

Because of this, you need a box blade that’s made from top-quality materials such as sturdy steel or other equally strong material. In addition, it should be perfectly welded to prevent the parts from detaching under challenging conditions.

Makes sure all parts, including shanks, scarifier tips, teeth, ripper points, and cutting ends, should be made of rugged metal for durability and resistance to various ground features. Apart from strength, the material should be heavy enough to penetrate the ground better.

Hinge Type 

Another important consideration is the hinge types of the attachment. The worst mistake you can make for a box blade that is aesthetically appealing without looking at how the different parts are joined to one another.

You do not need a box blade with lazily designed hinges that cannot hold when subjected to a load of compacted soil. So it is not strange to hear that someone bought an attachment that broke down that first time it was put to the test.

The Shanks 

Shanks, sometimes called tines, are the parts that do the actual job on the ground. Therefore, the components should be sharp and well designed. In addition, you must pay keen attention to how the shanks insert into the box blade.

Some models feature metal plates and pins that hold the tines. Such a design can work pretty well. However, there are questions about durability. Thus they will wear out pretty fast, requiring replacement. This will translate to more cost.

A few models feature cut-out slots in the metal tubes. The tines can then slide right into the tubes and be reinforced for a more durable fit. Such designs are better choices as they cannot easily slide out, allowing for better performance.

The Box Blade Width

The width of a box blade determines fitness and performance. So while shopping for the best box blade for your gardening and lawn tasks, make sure you get the width right. First, you must ensure its width is slightly wider than the diameter of your tractor’s rear tires.

It is also essential to know that the width of a box blade determines the time you will take to complete a task. For example, you cannot expect a 5-foot box scraper to do the same amount of water per move as a 7-foot model.

Removability and Ability to Replace 

Fixed scrape blades may look sturdy for the job. However, the problem comes when you need to remove or replace them for any reason. For instance, if the part is broken or goes blunt, you will have no option but to replace it.

Most of the models currently in the market, including the ones we have included in our review, feature removable and replaceable blades. You can go further by looking for a model featuring offset slots.

Presence of Reinforced Sidewalls 

Most of the box blades for the tractor we looked at do not have reinforced sidewalls. However, it would be good for you to look for one that has this design. Such models tend to be more robust and durable to execute challenging jobs.

Your Budget 

You will have to part with a little bit more money if you must buy the best tractor attachments that combine the best features. While ordering, you consider the cost of the box blade and things like shipping cost.

Depending on where you stay and how far home is from the nearest store, the shipping cost may be appreciable. Besides, heavy items such as box blades cannot be delivered directly to your address. Therefore, you must factor in the price of picking it up from the nearest delivery station.


Qn1: Can I till with a box blade? 

Ans: With a bit of alteration, you can convert your box blade into a tiller. With some models, simply pull out the pins holding the shanks close to the box blade. You can then allow the tines to descend to two or more inches below the lowest point of the box blade. 

Qn2: What can I achieve with the best box blade? 

Ans: This is an incredibly versatile attachment that lets you complete many different tasks. Examples of what you can do with this implement include ripping dirt, leveling the ground, repairing or maintaining gravel driveways, digging a ditch, and moving the earth.

Qn3: Can the box blade help me with grass removal? 

Ans: Yes, you can. A box blade will turn the grass and sod over by the user of rippers installed. You can then use a landscape rake to get rid of or separate the grass from the rest of the soil.

Qn4: What’s the best weight for box blades? 

Ans: The weight of box blades corresponds to the width of the attachment. For example, a 6-foot model may weigh approximately 630 pounds. But you need to know that heavier implements perform better. 

Final Words 

The information might be a mouthful, but it’s what you need if you invest your hard-earned money wisely. We hope you will find the information valuable and helpful in your endeavor to find the best box blade for your gardening and lawn care needs. Check each of our picks out and see if they satisfy your requirements. Even so, you can still make your personal choice using the ultimate buying guide. 

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